Role: Lead developer, Project manager

Company: National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, one of the nation’s largest associations, representing companies amounting to almost $5 trillion in sales.

When: 2005-2008


The goal of the project was to improve the navigation and look of the website, improve efficiency on the back end, and simplify data entry to allow non-technical staff to update the website.

Specifically, I:

  • planned and developed a ground-up redesign of Worked as project manager between a 10 person design committee and the design firm in a six-month architecture and design effort.
  • designed and coded the “AEC Resource Guide” and “Ask NAW”, member only information sharing applications. The AEC Resource Guide worked similarly to current LinkedIn groups, and Ask NAW was very similar to Quora
  • wrote an email promotion generator to simplify and automate the creation process. Reduced the time needed from days to minutes and reduced the number of staff necessary from 3 to 1.
  • replaced a desktop application for sending email newsletters to a custom PHP mailer based application. Eliminated slow network performance and configuration issues and slow workstation performance related to sending 20k+ newsletters each week from staff workstations.
  • moved registration for all meetings to online forms and online payment.


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