Rally Congress


Role: User experience (Heuristic Analysis, Site Redesign)

Company: Rally Congress delivers messages, calls, and faxes to Capitol Hill on behalf of  nonprofits and political organizations.

When: 2011

I was contracted to do a usability analysis (heuristic analysis) of the customer control panel and a full redesign based on my findings.

The specific goals were to increase usability and to increase conversion rate for various actions on the site.

One notable improvement that I made to the site was to the click to call pathway. Originally, it was a two level hierarchical navigation in which the user would be required to return to the menu to call more than one lawmaker. I changed the structure of the pathway to a pyramid design that automatically presents the user with the next action while allowing horizontal navigation between steps.

My deliverables were a usability analysis and wireframes of the redesigned pages. These materials are under NDA,  but most of my recommendations have been implemented so far, and you may see them in detail with a free trial to Rally Congress.

Chris Kinnan, CEO of Rally Congress, said after completion of the project:

…the work you’ve done is fantastic, and I’m delighted to serve as a reference and provide a reference quote for your marketing.

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