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I have Urbit stars for sale


(Updated Feb 10, 2020) I purchased a galaxy (~nem) several years ago and I'm looking to sell some of that address space. I have a number of "stars" available which are bundles of 65,000 urbit i...

The 2018 Midterm elections


I have recently spent some time outlining the problems with our political predicament in Integral theory part one, an introduction to the evolution of human consciousness and Integral theory part...

On the Brett Kavanaugh affair


I have struggled greatly with the extremely complex issues that are intertwined in the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  We are currently, as a society, trying to have a simul...

Cryptocurrency 101


This is a document for combining my cryptocurrency introduction conversations together with questions that I answer on a regular basis. It is to be considered a rough draft.  I work on it when I h...

RSI Supplements


There was a time when I was incredibly skeptical of what one might call “alternative medicine”, including herbal supplements, massage therapy, acupuncture,and anything else not prescribed by a doc...

Integral Zen - Jeremy Tunnell

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