I have Urbit stars and planets for sale


(Updated August 16, 2022)

I purchased a galaxy (~nem) several years ago and I'm looking to sell some of that address space. I have a number of "stars" available which are bundles of 65,000 urbit ids (planets). Each planet supports 2^32 devices. There are 4 billion urbit ids (planets) in total.

Star sales for me are paused. I'm not selling anything at these prices. I recommend buying with wild abandon somewhere else though.

The price is the current public price for 1 WSTAR or $28,000 per star, whichever is greater. No bulk discounts. It's payable in a major cryptocurrency that we can agree on or by wire transfer, transferwise, or zelle. Name list here.

I have the ability to offer escrow services only if you pay in ETH, for an extra 2.5% charge (which goes to the escrow provider). Otherwise, we'll have to do it the old fashioned way, however I am widely known in the community and I've delivered many stars without a problem.

The process will generally work like this.

I will also sell a planet (azimuth point) for $15, paypal, venmo, or eth. Instructions for receiving are here: https://urbit.org/getting-started/layer-2-for-planets.

And if you happen to be interested in purchasing a galaxy, I have a different one that I would consider selling and am open to offers if you would pay above market rate. Serious offers only, please...something that is in the ballpark of 256 x star prices.

As an aside, I have every intention of holding onto my galaxy and providing a full suite of services for the stars and planets under my galaxy. I assume this really doesn't become reality for another year or so, but if anybody is interested in working together on something like that send me an email. Please know that such efforts are likely not going to get rolling until late 2021.

Contact me at [email protected] to discuss buying urbit stars.

What is Urbit?  Head over to The Galactic Tribune for articles and videos explaining Urbit.

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Jeremy Tunnell
I study Integral Theory and Zen Buddhism at Integral Zen.


  • Hello, I bought a star from Jeremy a few months ago, and it was a smooth process. We did a wire transfer as well and put a lot of trust in him! Thanks for selling me the star and helping guide me through the process. salped-monsun is the planet I use from the star if anyone wants to hit me up on the network. Thank you Jeremey!

  • Hey Jeremy, I see many stars for sale on opensea at various prices. what are the distinctive differences given some sell for over $100k?

  • @MIK Stars advertised for $100k are scams. Otherwise, every other star is exactly the same, except for their sponsor and whether they have been booted and/or spawned any planets. If you buy a star and your sponsor sucks, you won't get updates in a timely manner which is annoying. You can move to a new sponsor, but you have to find someone and it's going to cost you a couple of hundred bucks in gas. You probably want to buy a star that hasn't been booted and hasn't spawned planets. You can check that at https://network.urbit.org/

  • @MIK If you want to buy ETH, convert ETH into WSTR, then trade in the WSTR for a star, the price is like $15k. That's a great deal. On the internal sales board prices are 5-6 ETH. I'm not willing to sell so cheaply. Trade in WSTR for a star here: https://star.market/

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