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The new lay of the land, and lessons learned


This is not investment advice. Nobody knows what the hell is going on in cryptocurrency, and I’m just giving you my opinion and observations. Disclosure: I hold the coins that I say nice things about and don’t hold the coins that I hate on, as one would expect. I was just thinking today that in November my prediction for the new year was Bitcoin $10k.  I also said that I was out of...

These are the times that try men’s souls


I have been around the crypto game for years. I have seen mania and depression and everything in between. We are in the middle of depression. It is very easy to “HODL”, during flash crashes because everybody knows it’s going to bounce back.  It is much more difficult to stay in there while the value of tokens and coins bleeds out, with what seems like no end in sight.  You go...

Don’t Panic


As I write this, the crypto market is down 50% or so from the top. There are conspiracy theories everywhere, ranging from whales taking advantage of the futures market (I don’t buy it), to Wall Street depressing the price for a buy in, and others. The first point I’d like to make is that while this correction is large, it puts us back to where we were in mid-November.  Several months...

Crypto update for January 8


Thoughts I put down in 15 minutes… CHINA BANS…..mining. That’s the big news over the last couple of days. The markets fell about 10%, but I can’t see any downside. The Chinese government is calling for an “orderly” wind down, so we don’t have to worry about hashing power changing abruptly. And now the complaints about centralized mining in China no longer...

Tron Diligence


A collection of resources for evaluating Tron (TRX):
(Work in progress)
Tron whitepaper
Accusation:  Tron Whitepaper plagiarized
I just read Tron’s whitepaper. It raises more Red Flags than a Worker’s Parade inside the Soviet Union

Please get out of Ripple


Dear friends, We are in the midst of cryptocurrency mania. We are definitely in a bubble. It is uncertain how long this bubble is going to last, but it is certain when the bubble bursts only coins with some fundamental value are going to be left standing. I can say without reservation that ripple is a horrible coin for long term investors concerned about real value. The ripple team has been...

Bitcoin is still the future


As I write this, Bitcoin is in the midst of a dip to 12,000. Some people think it could go below 10,000. I bought some more Bitcoin around 16,000, and I’m not worried at all. I just recently read this fascinating essay by a guy who apparently used to work at KKR. It’s a little slow to get started, but the conclusion hits you pretty hard about halfway through: the real money will be in...


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