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(Updated January 19, 2023)

I purchased a galaxy (~nem) several years ago and I'm looking to sell some of that address space. I have a number of "stars" available which are bundles of 65,000 urbit ids (planets). Each planet supports 2^32 devices. There are 4 billion urbit ids (planets) in total.

Star sales for me are paused. I'm not selling anything at these prices. I recommend buying with wild abandon somewhere else though.

The price is the current public price for 1 WSTAR or $20,000 per star, whichever is greater. No bulk discounts. It's payable in a major cryptocurrency that we can agree on or by wire transfer, transferwise, or zelle. Name list here.

I have the ability to offer escrow services only if you pay in ETH, for an extra 2.5% charge (which goes to the escrow provider). Otherwise, we'll have to do it the old fashioned way, however I am widely known in the community and I've delivered many stars without a problem.

The process will generally work like this.

I will also sell a layer 2 planet (azimuth point) for $10, paypal, venmo, or eth. Instructions for receiving are here: https://urbit.org/getting-started/layer-2-for-planets.

And if you happen to be interested in purchasing a galaxy, I have a different one that I would consider selling and am open to offers if you would pay above market rate. Serious offers only, please...something that is in the ballpark of 256 x star prices.

I also occasionally broker galaxy sales, so if you are selling or buying let me know and I will keep you updated.

Contact me at jeremy.tunnel[email protected] to discuss buying urbit planets, stars, or galaxies.

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  • Hello, I bought a star from Jeremy a few months ago, and it was a smooth process. We did a wire transfer as well and put a lot of trust in him! Thanks for selling me the star and helping guide me through the process. salped-monsun is the planet I use from the star if anyone wants to hit me up on the network. Thank you Jeremey!

  • Hey Jeremy, I see many stars for sale on opensea at various prices. what are the distinctive differences given some sell for over $100k?

  • @MIK Stars advertised for $100k are scams. Otherwise, every other star is exactly the same, except for their sponsor and whether they have been booted and/or spawned any planets. If you buy a star and your sponsor sucks, you won't get updates in a timely manner which is annoying. You can move to a new sponsor, but you have to find someone and it's going to cost you a couple of hundred bucks in gas. You probably want to buy a star that hasn't been booted and hasn't spawned planets. You can check that at https://network.urbit.org/

  • @MIK If you want to buy ETH, convert ETH into WSTR, then trade in the WSTR for a star, the price is like $15k. That's a great deal. On the internal sales board prices are 5-6 ETH. I'm not willing to sell so cheaply. Trade in WSTR for a star here: https://star.market/

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