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Yes! You can still take dance lessons during the pandemic.  Here is a great list of teachers who offer classes online.  In no particular order:

Xandy Liberato - Very spiritual approach.  

Gui Prada and Alisson RSandi with Julissa, Hermela, and Vanessa at District Zouk -many different classes every month, so good for constant training, techniques are broken down so well (

Val Clemente and Vanessa Bonilha -lots of zouk partnerwork and solo courses, love their partnerwork especially (Val & Vanessa)

Evelyn Magyari Lopez (solo training, very challenging and enlightening and with so much good energy)

Bruno Galhardo E Raiza- now they are doing their improvement course online and their first round of online teacher training! (

Devon Near-Hill literally the only zouk teacher that Mandy, Vanessa, and Nguyet Anh can all understand reasonably well and actually get her jokes. Her explanations are always fantastic and the content is edited very tightly. Head movement course is A+++ (

Jerry Lai he only did one course so far, but it's super detailed and enlightening. I really recommend Deconstructing Zouk if you want to understand cognitively or if you want to teach (

Arthur Santos his online workshops with Kadu and William are great, something leaders haven't really gotten before. And his classes with Layssa and Sara at are uniformly excellent and comprehensive. Those classes are probably the best collection of zouk partnerwork in one place (and the other courses on VDanceClub are also very high quality if you want salsa or bachata!)

William Teixeira Diboa his partnerwork classes with Irene over the summer were all excellent and really quick. I think you can still buy access to them through him directly.

Alex de Carvalho Online Mac Project! Can't wait for that! It's like 80 hours of training with his methodology. You will not be able to get that online again when this pandemic is over! (

Mathilde Dos Santos Always coming up with great new solo courses, now she has her Lyrical Jazz Online Dance Course!

Ry'el Zenzouk and Jessica Lamdon over at Zenzouk- Always with creative and fun ways to train and explain and so much positive energy. (

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